Prevent Stress Injuries With Ergonomics Safety Training

According to recent Labor Department data, repetitive stress injuries may be costing our economy upwards of $20 billion dollars a year in lost productivity, medical bills, worker’s compensation expenses and other related costs. While this is a staggering number, it is all the more astonishing because the vast majority of these injuries are easily preventable.

Most of these injuries are caused by ignorance

These injuries fall into one of two basic categories. The first is caused by improper bending and lifting, which creates injuries to discs, vertebrae, muscles and nerves along the spinal column. The second category is repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, which are related to improper posture while sitting and working at a computer or performing other intensive, repetitive tasks, and improper care of sensitive muscles in the hands and wrists during periods of overuse.

Most of these injuries can be prevented with proper education and training

There are a lot of things about biomechanics (the science of how our muscles, joints, bones, tendons and nerves all work together) that most people don’t understand. In our training program we provide powerful information that can help your employees learn how to work with their bodies, not against them. But we go beyond that, by taking the class through helpful simulations and training exercises to make sure they can recognize how healthy biomechanical habits look and feel. We like to say, “your body will make you pay,” for ignorance. Don’t wait for that bill to come due. Contact us today and let us help you design a healthy, safe working routine.

Participants in the Ergonomics Safety Training Class will:

  • Gain a basic understanding of the science of biomechanics
  • Learn important, common-sense techniques for lifting and bending
  • Understand how important correct posture is for reducing stress in back, neck, arms and shoulders while seated
  • Participate in helpful, supervised simulations to practice ergonomically safe habits
  • Adopt effective routines for increasing relaxation and keeping tendons in their wrists and hands healthy when working at a computer or performing other repetitive activities.
  • Be able to recognize the warning signs of poor biomechanical health, and respond sensibly

On-site Ergonomic Safety Training is available at a time and location that is best for you and your staff. One important benefit of on site training is that our certified ergonomic safety trainers will perform a facility safety review and make suggestions for ways to address the design of your work areas and processes to facilitate biomechanical health and safety.

Contact us today, and we will send you an hour-by-hour description of the training program, and provide important details to help you set up a training session as soon as possible

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